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Serving Georgia manufacturing businesses, the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance provides monthly plant tours, educational sessions and networking opportunities designed to help make profitable business connections for our members. GMA is one of the fastest growing communities of manufacturing professionals in the state.

During most events, each participant is given the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business to all of the members. After the introductions are complete, each member has an opportunity to share business ideas or pose a question to the group. All attendees are also treated to a guest speaker's helpful presentation and take back with them valuable and useful knowledge.

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GMA In the News

  • Georgia Manufacturing Alliance is an organization dedicated to the education and the development of Georgia businesses.
  • We help local businesses connect with service providers and resources in our community through direct business to business networking meetings.
  • Our goal is for each member to increase their business through direct contact and referrals.
  • Our membership includes experienced professionals and business owners interested in expanding their businesses.
  • Our core philosophy is based on relationship marketing.
  • Each meeting will include an educational session and the topics will be listed from event to event.



"We see businesses every day that send work out of the state and occasionally out of the country. Often, this work could be done locally, sometimes with companies in the same parking lot. This trend continues to grow as a direct result of not knowing who in the area has the capabilities to do the work. We simply don't know our neighbors."

- Jason Moss, Founder of Georgia Manufacturing Alliance

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