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BTV Systems

Central Georgia Chapter

2481 Rocky Creek Road
Macon, GA 31206
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Thomas Necastro: 478-788-5281

Since our inception in 1967, BTV Systems has been on the cutting edge of technology. ?Dedicated to Service, Focused on the Future"? is our mission statement. We always offer to our clients the very best in technological solutions for their safety and security needs. We have become trusted partners to many companies of various sizes. BTV Systems not only offers their clients the latest technological solutions but we offer factory trained, certified and licensed staff to provide the best in installation, maintenance, service and support. The systems we provide and support are as follows; High Definition Video Surveillance (with or without Analytics), Access Control (using cards, Bluetooth or Bio Metrics), Fire, Intrusion, Digital Displays and Audio. BTV Systems is a Georgia based, family owned business for three generations. Throughout the three generations of Business Technology Solutions professionals working at BTV Systems; the business model has never changed, Superior Training, Advanced Technology and Dedicated Service. We welcome the opportunity to put all of this expertise to work for you!

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