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Critical Research, Inc.

Northwest Georgia Chapter

400 Northridge Road Ste 500
Atlanta, GA 30350
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Vanessa Barigelli: 770-390-6792

At Critical Research, we specialize in partnering with Georgia-based manufacturers and distributors to provide employment screening, background checks, integrated drug screening, physicals, post-incident screening, DOT screening services, and more. Our screening is specifically tailored to companies your size, and designed for HR leaders who experience the unique challenges associated with filling manufacturing and distribution positions (i.e.: experiencing high turnover and relying on quick turnaround time for results.) We've been especially successful with clients who had been struggling to get support from their big-box background screening vendors. This was especially evident when they'd run into issues like delayed results, billing problems, or scheduling problems. Some of our competitors are running over 15 million background checks every year! Our Georgia-based Operations Team provides world-class client service and personalized support. We look forward to providing you with better results, faster.

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