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Hardy Manufacturing Co., Inc

Gwinnett Chapter

2467 Ridgefield Terrace
Decatur, GA 30033
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Glen Hardy: 404-373-7600

Hardy Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a full service manufacturing facility with over 40 years of experience building high quality medical x-ray equipment. While continuing this tradition we have expanded into other areas including factory automation, tools and fixtures, packaging, recreational and marine equipment, performance automotive and machine tool accessories. We also offer contract manufacturing and job shop machining with capabilities in machine and product design, tooling, production, and testing. We have in house machining and welding capabilities and combine hands on craftsmanship with modern production techniques using both manual and automated equipment. Hardy Manufacturing Co. has experience working with a wide variety of materials from plastic and wood to aluminum and stainless steel, from structural steel and sheet metal to various advanced composites. We are able to match the performance requirements of a customer's project to the best materials and manufacturing techniques.

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