Put a Logo and Link to GMA on your Web Site

Members Only Please

Show your proud support of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance by displaying a badge of membership at your Web site.
Use the following instructions to add our logo and link to your Web site:

  1. Select the source code in the window below. (Click your cursor in the window and press CTRL-A)
  2. Copy this source code to your clipboard. (Press CTRL-C)
  3. Paste this source code somewhere within your site's HTML source code on the page where you would like it displayed, such as within a table cell, within a paragraph, or just above the close of your body tag. This may be a task that your Web developer can complete for you.
  4. Upload your new page and check to see if your logo and link work.

Your browser output will look like this:

Having trouble? Contact info@webdezyners.com for help.